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We Empower People Exceptional students are trained to be exceptional Engineers. We empower our students to develop a long-term career path. Beyond software engineering curriculum, we teach students to be constantly learning as a life and career skill, and we provide an organized, well-connected alumni network. We Provide Data-Driven EducationWe know how to optimize code and rapidly iterate on a product - applying those same results-driven skills to curating our teaching materials allows our students to excel.Hack Reactor invests heavily in outcomes. Not only are we the leader in outcomes transparency, but also outcomes performance. How do we do it? In a sentence, we backwards-engineered our immersive coding bootcamps to produce top talent. Our curriculum designers are former Engineering & Hiring Managers from some of top tech companies, now training people they would hire. We teach industry-relevant skills and engineering practices, and we go beyond coding. Hack Reactor builds heavily from Computer Science fundamentals & first principles - teaching you to not just code, but to truly think like an engineer. The results show. As a founding member of CIRR, the largest coalition to standardized results reporting, truth and transparency are key attributes to our program and part of our devotion to quality for our students.